Maggie Gyllenhaal Nude “Strip Search” 2004

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Damn, kudos for Maggie for taking on such an exposing project. She went the extra mile for this TV movie. The first time we see her naked, she is standing up and forced to disrobe. Her cardigan is ripped off of her and she is left in her bra and panties. The cuts between a close-up of Maggie’s nervous face and a full rear shot of her back as she undresses shows us the fear of her character and her naked posterior before she gives a great, full-frontal view of her naked body, equipped with a bush. Next, her boobs are flicked and fiddled with by Ken Leung before she sits down naked whilst she is interrogated. She is given her cardigan but is soon made to stand against the wall, showing us her butt before her cardigan is taken from her again and we see her boobs get groped as she is inspected. When she confesses to her crimes, she is left crouching, crying, showing us her butt before she stands up and messes up the room, giving another fabulous full-frontal sequence. Very brave, Maggie.